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Authors: D. J. M. King and A. G. McGregor
Email: daniel.miks AT

Recent Publications:

  1. D. J. M. King, S. T. Y. Cheung, S. A. Humphry-Baker, C. Parkin, A. Couet, M. B. Cortie, G. R. Lumpkin, S. C. Middleburgh, A. J. Knowles
    High temperature, low neutron cross-section high-entropy alloys in the Nb-Ti-V-Zr system.
    Acta Materialia. 2019.
  2. D. Ikeuchi, D. J. M. King, K. J. Laws, A. J. Knowles, R. D. Aughterson, G. R. Lumpkin, E G. Obbard
    Cr-Mo-V-W: A new refractory and transition metal high-entropy alloy system.
    Scripta Materialia. 2019.
  3. D. J. M. King, M. R. Wenman
    Comment on “The two-step nucleation of G-phase in ferrite“, the authors: Y. Matsukawa et al. Acta Mater 2016; 116: 104-133.
    Scripta Materialia. 2018.
  4. D. J. M. King, S. C. Middleburgh, P. A. Burr, T. M. Whiting, P. C. Fossati, M. R. Wenman
    Density functional theory study of the magnetic moment of solute Mn in bcc Fe.
    Physical Review B. 2018.
  5. D.J.M. King, P.A. Burr, S.C. Middleburgh, T.M. Whiting, M.G. Burke, M.R. Wenman.
    The formation and structure of Fe-Mn-Ni-Si solute clusters and G-phase precipitates in steels.
    Journal of Nuclear Materials. 2018.
  6. D.J.M. King, P.A. Burr, E.G. Obbard, S.C. Middleburgh.
    DFT study of the hexagonal high-entropy alloy fission product system.
    Journal of Nuclear Materials. 2017.
  7. D.J.M. King, S.C. Middleburgh, A.G. McGregor, M.B. Cortie.
    Predicting the formation and stability of single phase high-entropy alloys.
    Acta Materialia. 2016.
  8. S.C. Middleburgh, P.A. Burr, D.J.M King, L. Edwards, G.R. Lumpkin, R.W. Grimes.
    Structural stability and fission product behaviour in U3Si.
    Journal of Nuclear Materials. 2015.
  9. D.J.M. King, S.C. Middleburgh, L. Edwards, G.R. Lumpkin, M.B. Cortie.
    Predicting the crystal structure and phase transitions in high-entropy alloys.
    Journal of Minerals Metals and Materials. 2015.
  10. S.C. Middleburgh, D.J.M. King, G.R. Lumpkin. (2015)
    Atomic scale modelling of hexagonal structured metallic fission product alloys.
    Royal Society Open Sciences, 2, 140292
  11. D.J.M. King, S.C. Middleburgh, A.C.Y. Liu, H.A. Tahini, G.R. Lumpkin, M.B. Cortie. (2014).
    Formation and structure of V-Zr amorphous alloy thin films.
    Acta Materialia, 83, 269-275,
  12. S.C. Middleburgh, D.J.M. King, G.R. Lumpkin, M.B. Cortie, L. Edwards. (2014).
    Segregation and Migration of species in the CrCoFeNi High Entropy Alloy.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 599, 179-182.
  13. M.L. Fullarton, M.J. Quin, M. Robinson, N.A. Marks, D.J.M. King, E.Y. Kuo, G.R. Lumpkin, S.C. Middleburgh. (2013).
    Structure, Properties and Formation of PuCrO3 and PuAlO3 of Relevance to Doped Nuclear Fuels,
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 1, 14633-14640.

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